406Network Digital Media Services Summary


406Network Digital Media Services Summary

406Live.com Traffic Report 07/23/21

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406Network Digital Business Services

Media, Promotion, Marketing, and Advertising POWER KIT

406Live.com Smart Banner Ad Placement

406Network Montana Cultural Media Platform optimized Smart Banner Ad Placement

Managed synchronized social media Services. Package rates include the following networks. You may choose to add additional platform provider services with your customized, fully scalable managed digital marketing service action plans.   

  • 406Network
  • Google My Business
  • Facebook Business
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter

21 posts per week

Standard Rate = $45.00 per network service

All Networks Bundle Rate $189.99 @ 24 Mo. Or 12 Mo. Plan @ $199.99 @ 12 Mo. Plan


Inclusive Managed Services include:

  • Conceptual, Graphics, Photo, Video, Animation Design, Ad Creation and Campaign Design
  • Target market Integration analysis
  • Meta targeting
  • Social media integration Developer Programming
  • Domain registration and managed DNS application services
  • Ad/Campaign Deployment, Monitoring & Analysis
  • Presence and Marketing Posting
  • Responding
  • Analyzing
  • Reporting

Digital Studio Campaign Advertising and Marketing Services

Feature stories, articles, videos, and other multimedia focus features designed to represent and promote your products and services throughout the various network outlet media and dynamic device assets. 

Ad and Campaign Design, Deployment, Summary

Banner Ad design options include:

  • Graphic design
  • Animated commercial design
  • Video commercial design
  • Photo and still illustration Meta banner ads
  • Feature article publication and syndication

Target response still features ads.

Target response video ads

Target response animation ads

Feature multimedia article publication(s)

Smart-Banner Ads include routing and tracking data.

Banner ad service includes:

Design, graphics, animation, video

Venue Packaging, platform(s) sponsored Placement.

Engagement Monitoring

Response and reply

Campaign tracking, analytics, reporting, and archiving.

Additional developer service services include the following resource services.

406Network Smart Banner Ads

  • Third-party social media platform ad campaign services. Both paid and organic promotional campaign strategies, custom-developed, deployed, and adaptively remediated to meet your market incentive objectives.
  • Print Advertising Media Marketing services, publishing, printing, and publication services. Based on current rate and individual project estimate review and pricing and delivery quotation. Network member discounts apply.
  • Social media platform service applications developer programming services
  • Web design and development
  • Web applications design and development
  • Mobile applications design, development, priced per app.
  • Premium Internet, Web, and Mobile Applications Hosting
  • Managed Search Engine Placement, Search Optimization, administration, and monitoring services.

Digital Marketing Packages including managed social media services.

Web design package with affordable flexible rates based on required dynamic site features and assets. 

Affiliate author/publisher and network blog syndication feed Channel

Social media page set up

Social media page administration 

Service includes

Marketing and Commercial Content design and development

  • Photography Still & Motion photo
  • Custom Illustration
  • Video production
  • Animation production
  • Graphic Styling
  • Network content syndication and ad placement
  • Platform services paid placement advertising service

Web Design

  • Targeted site marketing pages 
  • Web development – Basic web design

Integrated Web Application and CMS Framework customization and development 

Managed hosting and Server Platform Administration Service

Custom Platform Developer Services 

Managed Server and Hosting Solutions

Content Development Service

Graphic Design 

Live Stream Studio

Remote Location Live Stream

Digital promotional material design and development

Print media design, production, and postal mail processing servicing.

Publish your own site stream channel content Feed.  

Affiliate blog Syndication

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